Getting to Haida Gwaii


Traveling by Air

  • Air Canada Jazz flies daily between Vancouver and Sandspit.
  • Pacific Coastal Airlines flies daily between Vancouver's South Terminal and Masset. Masset is about 2 hours north of Queen Charlotte City and Sandspit.

Traveling by Ferry

  • BC Ferries sails between Prince Rupert and Skidegate, and between Prince Rupert and Port Hardy on the northern part of Vancouver Island.

If you're part of a kayak expedition

For those joining a guided kayak expedition in Gwaii Haanas, please keep the following things in mind when booking your travel and accommodation.

  1. Please arrive in Haida Gwaii at least a day before your trip start date, and please depart at least a day after your trip end date. Weather can delay our zodiac pick up, and we cannot be responsible for missed flights or ferries.
  2. It is easiest if you plan to stay in Sandspit the night before and the night after your trip. If you would like help booking accommodation, just e-mail us!
  3. We highly recommend spending time in Haida Gwaii before and/or after your trip!
  4. We encourage you to book early - prices increase and availability decreases as we approach the summer season.

And remember, we're happy to book accommodation for our kayak expedition guests before and after your trip! Just let us know when you make your reservation (or in an e-mail afterwards) so that we can share that information with you.

Transport on Haida Gwaii

There is no public transport in Haida Gwaii. If you're planning to stay for a few days, renting a car (or a bike!) will give you the most access to the islands.

The roads on Haida Gwaii are ideal for cycling. The one main highway that links all the towns on Graham Island is well-paved and there are very few motorists. Renting a bike from us is an easy way to explore Queen Charlotte and Skidegate - and if you're more ambitious, you can even go so far as Tlell, Masset and Old Massett in a day or two.

Ifa vehicle suits your plans better, we also have a few local rental car and taxi options for short and long distance travel.

  • Budget Car Rental: Has a rental office at the Sandspit Airport and in Queen Charlotte City.
  • Eagle Transit: Provides service between the Sandspit Airport and Queen Charlotte City and Skidegate. It also does occasional transport to the northern parts of Graham Island (Tlell, Port Clements and Masset)
  • Gwaii Taxi & Tours: 250) 637-1162
  • Sandspit Taxi: 250-637-5655
  • Golden Raven Taxi (Graham Island): 250-559-8622

Getting to Gwaii Haanas

If you're traveling to Gwaii Haanas with one of our kayak expeditions, we take care of getting you from Sandspit to your departure point in Gwaii Haanas. We work with Moresby Explorers, a local tour operator. You should plan to stay in Sandspit the night before your trip departs, and we're happy to book that accommodation for you (just ask!).