Custom Skedans Exploration

Route: Moresby Camp to Laseek Bay

Bookings: space available

Description: Join us on this custom adventure: a five day, early season trip with all meals included in the price! This trip explores the more exposed eastern edge of Louise Island, where we can visit Skedans (K’uuna Llnagaay) - a beautiful Haida Heritage site with standing mortuary poles and moss covered house pits. We will also pass the well-known Limestone Island in Laskeek Bay, which is part of the K’uuna Gwaay conservancy and home to thousands of nesting sea birds, including the ancient and marbled murrelet.  Marine mammals such as the humpback whale and sea lion also frequent this region. This trip extends north beyond the official Gwaii Haanas park boundary into an area that is exquisitely beautiful, rich in cultural and environmental highlights, and less frequently visited by other tour operators.

Difficulty: Applicable to all levels of paddlers.

Start/End: Your trip starts and ends in Sandspit.

Transport: A local zodiac tour operator, Moresby Explorers Ltd., will pick you up or drop you off in Sandspit, driving the 1 hour distance to Moresby Camp, where we will launch. The return zodiac ride from Laseek Bay is 1 hour long. *Unlike our other routes, this trip only entails 1 transport and so we can offer it at a reduced rate. *This custom trip is 5 days long. *All food is included in the trip price.

Cost: 1,300 CAD