Southern Route

Route: Burnaby Island to Rose Harbour

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Highlights: Our southern journey includes an exploration of the intertidal life at Burnaby (Dolomite) Narrows (or the equally impressive east coast of Burnaby Island) as well as a visit to the greatest number of standing mortuary poles at the UN World Heritage Site of SGang Gwaay Llnagaay (Ninstints). On this route you will get a chance to experience the energy and wildlife (e.g., Stellar sea lions, tufted puffins, common murres, rhinoceros auklets) of the Pacific Ocean and the opportunity to explore the remnants of the old whaling station at Rose Harbour. Campsites within this region provide sweeping views of the Copper Islands where Humpback whales are often spotted feeding close to shore.  As with most of our trips – beginner paddlers are welcome so long as they feel comfortable on the water. Plenty of instruction is available if needed.

Difficulty: Applicable to all levels of paddlers

Start/End: Your trip starts and ends in Sandspit.

Transport: A local zodiac tour operator, Moresby Explorers Ltd., will pick you up in Sandspit and take you into Gwaii Haanas. At the end of your trip, Moresby Explorers will pick you up and take you back to Sandspit. A one-way zodiac ride is 4-5 hours long.

Cost: 2,000 CAD

August 18
Northern Route
September 2
Kunghit Exploration