Single Day Tours


These trips are intended to provide visitors of Haida Gwaii access to some of the iconic features of our landscape without having to plan months ahead. Day tours are offered on a weekly schedule so individuals or small groups of people can meet and venture out together. Large groups can contact us for custom dates and options.


Length: 6 – 8 hours

Region: Skidegate Inlet / Kagan Bay

Meals: 1 Lunch

Description: Launch directly from the beach in front of the Green Coast shop for a simple and classic day of paddling within the sheltered waters of Skidegate Inlet and Kagan Bay. We’ll navigate between small islands to observe intertidal life, sea birds, and marine mammals (if we’re lucky) with a healthy, locally sourced lunch served at one of several rest spots. This trip is the perfect way to leave it all behind with a quick flick of your paddle.

Price: $150/person

River paddle Board

Length: 6 – 8 hours

Region: Tlell River

Meals: 1 lunch

Description: Meet your guide at the Green Coast shop just after breakfast and depart for an epic day of paddle boarding down the Tlell River. We time the day to paddle with the currents created by changing tides, allowing the group to go with the flow from start to finish. This trip includes lunch at the Pesuta Ship Wreck located on the stunning beaches of Naikoon Provincial Park. Wetsuit, booties and dry bags are provided to ensure your comfort and safety throughout the experience.

Price: $220/person